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With Countless Innovative Products

Welcome to
Alsara Cosmetics


Welcome to ALSARA Cosmetics

AlSARA Cosmetics is a leading formulator, contract manufacturer, packer and Re-seller of wet-fill and powder products who have over 5 years’ experience working with major brands to bring innovative hair, skin, sun and personal care, cosmetics and toiletry products to market.

AlSARA Cosmetic's Past and present customers include major retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers such as Unilever (previously Alberto Culver), Vivalis Trading Limited, Sally Salon Services and Alliance Disposables. As well as smaller more specialist brands.

AlSARA Cosmetics have long-standing relationships and preferred supplier status with several high profile customers. which AlSARA Cosmetics have achieved through our commitment to:



we provide high integrity products with full traceability as required



we have the ability to turn around orders fast


Competitively Priced

we invest heavily in technologies and processes to ensure we keep our costs low


Innovative solutions

we proactively work on new and innovative ideas so that we can create superior solutions


customer-led approach

we strive to provide a proactive, “hassle free” service every time

Who we are

About us in Short

ALSARA Cosmetics is a leading personal care product manufacturer and Re-seller with Variety of categories and versatile products. AlSARA Cosmetics serves several big and small sellers across globe by providing competitive price and quality products on timely manner.